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    Miniature shop fronts

  • A touch of Parisian charm

    Les Boutiques Chéries are original, handmade creations crafted by Lili LeBel.
    These miniature shop fronts, 20 x 15 x 4.5cm in size, are elegantly framed in black and gold, as with traditional paintings.
    At night fall, placed in reach of lamplight, the transparency of these works of art creates a delicate glow from within.

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    Le Restaurant

    A romantic dinner for two

    In Paris, you are never far from a quaint, little restaurant. Welcoming and intimate, these Parisian institutions are irresistible. With their 1900s décor, you will always find tasty, traditional cuisine accompanied by good wine.

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    La Boulangerie

    The waft of fresh bread

    On entering, you are welcomed by the ring of a bell, the ‘bonjour’ of the baker and the delicious smell of freshly baked bread, straight from the oven. The entire Parisian way of life centres on this refined setting.

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    La Fromagerie

    A taste of France

    France is the ‘land of three thousand cheeses’. This particular Boutique Chérie, completed in the Art Deco style, pays homage to this gastronomic delight, which has charmed people around the world.

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    La Ballerine de Paris

    Place the dancers

    Real passionate ballet will provide in tutus and slippers in this refined boutique. Ready to dance "Coppelia" or "Swan Lake"? You will be graceful with a touch of excitement.

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    Le Fleuriste

    The language of flowers

    Give this Boutique Chérie is more than offering flowers: it is a real jewel in its case "Art Nouveau". The decor recalls the interlacing of which Hector Guimard adorned the famous Paris metro stations.

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    La Pâtisserie

    The happiness of greedy

    The appointment of good children and sweets lovers opens its doors. Can not decide between the chocolate eclairs and meringues? Take the both, you will not take a gram!

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    Le Déshabillé de Paris

    Parisian glamour

    Paris is the city of love! This shop offers all the refinement of French lace and silk stockings in a typical decor of the 40's. Do not resist the charms of this sexy vintage case.

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    L'Hôtel des Amoureux

    Romantic stay in Paris

    In an authentic neighborhood, this small, cozy hotel is home to two lovers during their stay in Paris. They relax there after days of walks in the capital and will keep from this place of imperishable memories.

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    Crispy and fluffy

    What would France be

    without macaroons?

    This Mini Shop Cherie pays tribute to the know-how of pastry chefs and will whet your appetite. To be served at coffee time or tea time.

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    Such a Parisian perfume

    The perfume shop is dedicated to sensuality and refinement. Sophisticated bottles such as jewelery and miraculous beauty secrets are on display here.

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    Un verre de vin

    Near Trocadéro

    This little medallion evokes a privileged moment: on the last floor with sight on the Eiffel Tower, the tasting of a good wine at the end of the day.

    In the distance, a cat walks…

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    Soirée au Moulin Rouge

    This is Paris !

    This little medallion is dedicated

    to lovers of the feast,

    the French-cancan,

    the lightness.

    Paris at night will wonder you!

  • In the pipeline

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    Further Boutiques Chéries are being developed

    Why not your own? Lili LeBel looks into all requests for tailor-made pieces as part of a small series, price on demand, get in touch!

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    Example: realization on request of a Caribbean Boutique,

    unique model.

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  • Lili LeBel

    Lili LeBel is a Parisian artist, graphic designer and independent illustrator

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    That something special about Paris

    “A breath of Paris preserves the soul!”
    Victor Hugo

    Lili LeBel traces her inspiration to her strolls around the streets of Paris. She is fascinated by the charming style of shop fronts in times gone by. Through this poetic interpretation, you discover all of the French elegance.
    To the admirers of Paris, she hopes to offer precious works which feed the imagination and evoke the discreet charm of the capital, far from the clichés so often offered.
    Her Boutiques Chéries are conceived and crafted in Paris by hand, in a manner respectful of the capital’s commitments to sustainable development.